Terms and conditions of the “5X” promotion

Any adult and legally capable individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as “the Equity holder”) who has concluded an Agreement on equity participation in the construction (hereinafter referred to as “the Equity Participation Agreement”) with MINERVA WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE LLC (hereinafter referred to as “the Developer”) may become a participant in the “5X” (hereinafter referred to as “the Promotion”) in order to acquire on the property right one or more objects of construction in the building complex being constructed at the address: Minerva City, Yangihyot, Tashkent.

The Promotion period is sixty (60) calendar days beginning August 15, 2021 and ending October 14, 2021, both dates are inclusive and are the Promotion Period.

The Equity holder wishing to participate in the Promotion must during the Period of the Promotion:

  • Get preliminary consultation on the conditions of the Promotion by calling the short number of the Developer’s sales office: 1145;
  • Visit the Developer’s sales office located at The Club, Minerva City, Yangihyot, Tashkent in order to receive comprehensive information about the terms of the Promotion;
  • After deep and comprehensive study of the conditions of the Promotion and full agreement with them, to choose the construction object in a building complex, in equity construction of which the Equity holder has a desire and opportunity to participate;
  • Perform reservation of the construction object by means of a written transaction (preliminary contract or agreement on down payment);
  • Pay the deposit in the amount of 2 million soums not later than the day following the booking day.

The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the down payment due under the Contract, provided that the Contract is concluded within the reservation period specified in the preliminary contract or the agreement on down payment. The Reservation Period may be longer than the Promotion Period. If the Contract is not concluded within the Reservation Period, the deposit is non-refundable.

An Equity holder who has joined the Promotion and intends to get a discount under the terms of the Promotion, must sign an Equity participation agreement within 15 (fifteen) calendar days (hereinafter – the Promotion Period) from the date of booking of the construction site in the construction complex.

The amount of discount, deducted from the initial installment to be paid under the Equity participation agreement, is up to 10 million UZS and decreases during the Promotion Period according to the table below:

Number of days since the date of booking the apartment Discount amount (UZS)
15 10 000 000
14 10 000 000
13 10 000 000
12 9 200 000
11 8 500 000
10 7 700 000
9 6 900 000
8 6 200 000
7 5 400 000
6 4 600 000
5 3 800 000
4 3 100 000
3 2 300 000
2 1 500 000
1 800 000
0 0


As can be seen from the above table, if the Agreement is concluded during the Promotion Period, a certain amount will be deducted from 10 million soums each day starting from the fourth day after the booking. The total amount of Equity participation of the booked object of construction will remain unchanged for the period of booking. After the expiry of the reservation period, the construction project is removed from the reservation and the Developer has the right to change the total amount of equity participation in construction of previously booked construction projects at its own discretion.

In addition, we would like to inform you that during the Promotion Period the cost of construction facilities will be increased every 2 days by 0.166% of the cost approved by the Developer prior to the start of the Promotion. In this case, the total increase in the cost of construction projects during the Campaign period will be 5%. This condition does not apply to the booked construction projects for the reservation period.

We will be glad to see you among the happy owners of your own real estate in MINERVA CITY.