2 keys for 1: become a car owner when buying an apartment

In the life of every family there comes a moment when the question of choosing what to spend the funds accumulated over many years is acute. Buy a car and continue saving for an apartment or acquire the coveted living space and at the same time be left without an iron horse? A question on which you can spend quite a few hours of disputes and discussions.


In a modern metropolis, you need to be mobile and have time to respond to a constantly changing situation. A car, of course, saves time and money, therefore it is almost the most necessary purchase for a resident of a large city.


In turn, your home is a guarantee of peace and confidence in the future. Being an integral part of a comfortable life, the apartment has the highest priority in the list of global acquisitions of the family.


The cost of each purchase of these two is high for most, and choosing one of them means giving up the advantages of the other. It would seem a stalemate, and there is no solution that would suit everyone. But…


Minerva City are pleased to present the promotion “2 keys for 1”, within which you can purchase a 3-room apartment in a residential complex from MJ Developers and get a guaranteed car as a gift! Choosing one of two types of 3-room apartments, you can get a Spark or Cobalt car.


There is no need to puzzle over the question of what to buy first, when you can get everything at once! Hurry up to buy an apartment under the “2 keys for 1” promotion from Minerva City until March 1 and get a luxurious gift!